The New York  Arc of  Triumph

     Animation    Renderings

This 116-floor twin-tower structure is ambitious in architectural and engineering terms, bold in political and historical symbolism, and sends an importance message about the inevitable triumph of tolerance over hatred and violence.  Each tower is separately formed by a series of graduated elliptical structures.   The foundation of each tower is elliptically shaped and each successive floor is shaped by reducing the major axis by nine inches and increasing the minor axis by nine inches.  Thus the shape of the 58th floor halfway to  the top of each tower will be circular.  The perfect circle will then be modified by a continued nine inch alteration per floor creating a gradual transformation of the shape of this  structure all the way to the top of the building, reversing the transformation shaping the tower on the way up.  People looking at the building will see a reversed cone shape.  As   they walk around the building, the Arc of Triumph will appear to have reversed itself into an upright cone. These two elliptically shaped structures, standing side by side, form an arch under which traffic from West Broadway will be allowed to flow.  Fifteen-inch titanium pipes are spaced in a lattice work around the outside of each tower and security is provided by a core, within each tower, made of concrete.  Each core or central column, 76 feet  by 56 feet, will provide refuge for anyone in either tower should the buildings ever suffer a natural disaster or assault like that experienced on 9/11.  The walls of the secure area are three feet thick with 6 to 9 inch expansion joints all around the core area, allowing for movement of the exterior structure.  The Arc of Triumph is engineered to provide protection even if there is a catastrophic incident causing the towers, save their central core, to collapse.   At the top, the twin-towers come together forming an arch, giving rise to the name of this structure: the Arc of Triumph.  Again, the symbolism here is simple and powerful.  The arch is specifically shaped like a V recalling the V for victory made famous by Winston Churchill in World War II and emphasizing the political symbolism of this structure.  The triumph represented is that of modern architectural design and technology over seemingly impossible challenges, of  American resolve in the face of an almost unprecedented foreign  attack, and of the spirit of tolerance and hope for the future over bigotry, fear, and death.  And only the United States of America has the financial and technological capacity to build a structure as geometrically complex as The Arc of Triumph.


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